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This unfortunate album was handmade on a golding tabletop platen press in the winter of 2018, in a building without heat. By misguided request I have made the remaining copies available. Included in each copy is a unique and sincere apology. While there are material costs and labor that goes into their construction, I cannot in good conscience ask anyone to give me money for these. If you would still like to financially encourage my exploration of traditional printing techniques, and the further fundraising of ongoing projects, I have provided those options. If you are considering re-gifting this, please remember that for some reason my name is on it, and having to explain its existence is not in my interest.

this webstore does not have a donation feature, so the payment options are as follows:

$.01 - I owe you nothing. please stop this. but also please send me a cd.
$10.00 - I am for some reason compelled to reward your bad behavior.
$20.00 - money means nothing to me. the only thing that gives me joy is regret.

the code "SKAGIT" can be used to eliminate shipping if you plan on picking up in person.

Again, I am very sorry.